I don’t know if they could make it any more obvious how much Makoto loves cares about Haru. 

I’m crying so hard.

Please, just get married already and have beautiful whale/dolphin babies.

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merman haruka and cute beach lifegaurd makoto having nightime beach dates by a lil cove where haruka asks makoto about his legs and how awkward it must be to walk around rather than swim

swimming is so much easier

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Imagine haruka cooking mackerel for makoto whenever he comes over. Makoto actually hates mackerel but he eats it anyway because haruka made it for him, and that makes him happy. 

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okay but what if mako and haru are that couple that have basically been dating for years but everyone but them know

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★we're all in this together★: let’s talk about how great Makoto and Haruka are together they’re...


let’s talk about how great Makoto and Haruka are together


  • they’re exceedingly comfortable with each other, in a way that most people aren’t
  • Makoto lets himself into Haru’s house and walks in on him in the bath, then helps him get out of the bath. Haru isn’t bothered by this in the…

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so you know how haruka/rin is called sharkbait

petition to call makoto/haruka ‘dorka’ because dolphin/orca and they’re both total dorks together


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Cats, Dogs and Birds

Rated: PG-13

Author: bowsie22

Mokoto loves Haru, who seems to have a crush on Rin. Add in problems with his daemon and a mystery illness and sometimes life just isn’t worth living. [Dark Materials cross-over]

Read here: tumblr or fanfic

Reason for MIA

Evening guys~

I just wanted to apologize for extended delays, and absence in the updates on this blog recently m( _  _ );;m. I have been preoccupied with Otakon (not a good reason, I know…) coming up, but I am still translating and working to get stuff up on the blog. Just wanted to put that out there so you guys know that this blog is still alive D: 

With that said, is anyone else going to Otakon 2013? :D

真琴と遥 | Makoto and Haruka

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